My Current Home Assistant Setup

If you are looking to get into Home Automation, you should definitely check out

I originally started with Smarrthings as my main hub and then installed Home Assistant on an old Dell Optiplex I had laying around running Ubuntu. And I haven’t looked back. I eventually wanted something a little more compact, so I recently moved to a RaspberryPi running Hassbian. If you are interested in the journey I wrote about it here.

I’m still in the interate-almost-every-day stage (does that stage end??), but I really like what I have so far. A lot of what I built was inspired by what other people are doing, so in keeping with that philosophy and to pay it forward here is what I currently have setup.

My Current Setup:

  • RaspberryPi 3 running Hassbian (version 1.1)
  • Mosquitto for various sensors and services
  • Smartthings to MQTT Bridge for connecting Smartthings hub to Home Assistant
  • HTTP To MQTT for IFTTT and script integration. I used a custom version you can find here
  • Home Bridge for iOS HomeKit integration
  • Smartthings Hub used as hub for switches and bulbs
  • Presence via iPhones (iCloud and Home Assistant App) and Asus Router


App Integrations:

  • Amazon Echo Skill
  • Google Maps (For Traffic and Travel Time)


  • Location Awareness — Things like close the garage if everyone has left and the garage is still open.
  • Sunset — Turn on outside lights.
  • Time Based — Dim Lights to use as night lights at 10pm.
  • Sunrise — Turn off all outside lights.
  • Security — Like turn on all lights if smoke is detected.

There is a lot on my todo list, and I seem to add stuff constantly. So many cool things in the Home Automation space these days.

My current Home Assistant configs are maintained at Feel free to use any part. As I mentioned I was inspired by quite a few of the configs linked to from and some found via Google. But most of my inspiration and a lot of what I have learned has originated from Ben has a great youtube channel, but be warned. His videos will make you want to automate stuff.

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