A New Home Automation Blog

You are probably asking why does the world need another Home Automation blog?

I know right? The internet is full of good content, but as I read through the how-tos, and watch the videos I think most people feel overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions they have to make. I want this to be a place that priorities the easy solution or the most elegant while be secure. This wont be a place for blatant product reviews. But for slackers who want to get into home automation or perhaps are already deep in and just don’t want to spend their evenings tinkering.

Not that there is anything wrong with tinkering. I love a good tinky session. But most of all I just want to enjoy the automation not speed my hours troubleshooting.

So I hope to use this platform to talk more about how to automate, and spend less time building and more time enjoying.

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